Oh, rats!

Sorry, just emptiness here for now.

In future, pictures and info about my Ship Rats (Rattus rattus) past and present – Rattus, Darwin and Huxley.   Soon as I find my camera* and some time.

First project is to figure out a way for people to contact me short of the bridge burning expedient of posting my email address…

* pretty long odds as it went missing after a picnic last summer; methinks it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a new one


3 Responses to “Oh, rats!”

  1. Nana Says:

    You have rats? Actual, living, breathing rats?! Squeee! How I envy you! I still want to get some, as soon as I´m not off to work all the time. A couple, maybe, named Boris and Bela. 🙂

    • ShipRat Says:

      Wow, a visitor already! Hallo Nana, great to see you here. Though I’m afraid this is going to be just a placeholder site for a while.

      Have you had pet rats before?

      Speaking for myself, I’ve had rats for over 20 years. You can deduce from this that I love them dearly. All but three have been domestic pet rats of the species Rattus norvegicus. There’s a very active pet rat fancy in Europe, as far as I know.

      My Ship Rats, on the other hand, are hand-raised wild rats of a different species, Rattus rattus – the species whose fleas transmitted the Black Death 🙂

      Warning: Ship Rats are definitely wildlife, difficult to handle, and would not make suitable pets for people without a lot of rat experience, time, space, and patience. They’re like naked-tailed squirrels – tiny, insane, lightning-fast squirrels, with a lot of monkey mixed in.

      My two current male Ship Rats came to me through the local animal rescue network, after the person who raised them decided to get rid of them. :-/

      I’m not sure which rat species the ships’ crews were enduring and sometimes eating during the Age of Sail – could have been either or both.

      There’s lots more to say about rats… later! 🙂

  2. Nana Says:

    Hi there. 🙂

    No, I have not had rats before, but I´ve been toying with the idea for years now. So far, I have neither time nor space, so I´ll have to wait for a bit longer, but until then, I can soak up every bit of information I can find to prepare, right? So trust me to be around when you get started here!

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